John McCarthy

Why Hire Us?

I was asked this very question the other day. Why should we hire you? Why should I list my house with you? What can you do for me? I can just put my house on the market and get it sold in this market! I get these questions quite a bit. The National Association of...

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Open House Etiquette

With inventory virtually nonexistent and interest rates continuing at all-time lows the amount of buyers out there is ridiculous. This past weekend we had an open house with over 150 people in 3 hours. In my 19+ years as a realtor I have never had that many people at...

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Is it Time to Sell?

When should we sell? Now? Next year? When the kids leave? Wait until the pandemic is over? According to the National Association of Realtors® people sell on average every 10 years. Sounds like a long time but I had a seller that was in their home for 68 years and many...

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How to Win a Bidding War

With spring right around the corner (I know, we haven’t even seen snow yet but I can think positively right?) the real estate market should be very strong, maybe not as crazy as spring 2021 but most economists see a sellers’ market with 5% price increase over 2021. If...

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Drama Free Zone

I have a closing on Friday on a new home and after months of consulting with the builder on all aspects of the home the buyer considers the builder “a friend”. Why aren’t all transactions like this? Sitting in these closings I usually think what can I do to help...

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Wintertime Selling

As I write this, the forecast for tonight is snow, not much but it seems like it’s a little early this year.  Most of us with the exception of skiers, snowboarders, shovel and snow plow makers don’t particularly care for winter.  Winter brings cold, snow and often a...

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It’s Moving Day

Lots and lots of closings this fall and so many people moving out and/or into a home the process can be a stressful and hectic time. Most of you know that moving is tough, not only physically but emotionally. Stress levels are high, nerves are frayed, and the kids...

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What Inspectors Can’t Say

By now it’s universally accepted that a home inspection while not a requirement, is a necessity for a buyer. A home inspection can feel much like a final exam. The home is studied up and down, inside and out with a report provided at the finish. However, unlike an...

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Buying a Historic Home

New England and especially the North Shore, has plenty of historic homes to appreciate and for many buyers, love.  With its unique charm there is so much to love about an antique home, from its quirky features to its unique charm.  After visiting a few over the last...

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Say What?

Being a REALTOR® I sometimes forget that my buyers or sellers are not familiar with all the real estate lingo. Therefore, when I say things like EMD or HOA and you look at me like I have two heads. I need to remind myself that everyone isn’t in the real estate...

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