Stewart Lytle

Stewart Lytle is the lead reporter for The Town Common newspaper. Before joining The Town Common, he was a national correspondent for Scripps-Howard Newspapers in Washington, D.C., covering the Pentagon and Congress. He has also written for newspapers in Dallas, TX, and Birmingham, AL.

As a national reporter for the Scripps Howard newspaper chain, Stewart wrote the inside story on military life of soldiers and sailors and their families. He landed on aircraft carriers, experienced oxygen deprivation for high-altitude flight training and crawled through the mud with Marine snipers.

One of his proudest achievements outside of journalism was assisting USAA Chairman Robert McDermott in securing federal legislation that mandated air bags in vehicles.

Stewart is also a novelist and has written non-fiction books. He is currently working on a non-fiction book and screenplay about an incident that occurred in Boston.

His first novel, Iron City Conspiracy, explores power in a city. It features a black newspaper editor solving the bombing of a historic black church in a tough Alabama town.

Following in the footsteps of his idol, Ernest Hemingway, Stewart has completed a new novel about a love affair in the midst of the Spanish Civil War. The book, Montserrat, is based on a true story and has been made into a screenplay that will become an international feature film.

A graduate of Phillips Academy and Princeton University, Stewart lives with his wife, Mary, in Newburyport.

Mike Wilson Running Across Nebraska

SIDNEY, NE – When Mike Wilson was in the first grade, he made a friend, Rhea, who shared the same birthday in January. Fast forward 20 plus years and Rhea’s parents. who live in Pine Bluffs, WY, drove about 60 miles to Nebraska to bring Mike water and sports drinks to...

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Who Will Pay to Rebuild Carleton Drive?

GEORGETOWN – Carleton Drive must be totally rebuilt if it is to support hundreds of new vehicles from tractor trailers and packer trucks to cars and pickups, handling trash at the proposed 500-ton transfer station, the Planning Board learned last week.  It is unclear...

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Affordable Housing V. Salamanders and Frogs

BYFIELD — In recent years as North Shore green space is gobbled up by the growing demand for housing, the battle municipalities face is often whether to side with people, who vote and pay taxes, or salamanders and tree frogs. That issue is before the Newbury...

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Waterfront Rail Trail Gap Now Open

NEWBURYPORT – The temperature and the humidity along the Merrimack River felt more like the lower Mississippi River Wednesday as a Dixieland Jazz band led a crowd of rail trail enthusiasts in marching along the newly opened waterfront gap in the Clipper City Rail...

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Salisbury Cemetery Wars

SALISBURY — War broke out last week over burial urns, shepherd’s poles and benches before the town’s Cemetery Commission.  At the usually peaceful meeting of the town’s cemetery commission, about 20 emotionally distraught residents came to the Town Hall auditorium to...

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Mike Wilson Is Headed Into Cowboy Country

RAWLINS, WY – The owner of the Sunset Inn in Wamsutter, WY, gave Mike Wilson a free room for the night when he heard Mike’s story about his running across America to raise money for two worthy charities in Massachusetts and California.  Mike, a professional trainer in...

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Mike Wilson Touches Lives Wherever He Runs

One Step At A Time ROCK SPRINGS, WY -- Mike Wilson started his Run Across America raising money for Lucy’s LoveBus in Amesbury and all the cancer victims and their families that it helps. But the personal trainer is also inspiring people he meets along the 3,000-mile...

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First Parish Food Pantry Needs a Permanent Home

REGIONAL – The food pantry at the First Parish Church in Newbury needs a new, permanent home.  The pantry that started in a small library of the church five and a half years ago has grown to serve 250 to 300 individuals and families every Friday.  “It’s like we spent...

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Mike Wilson Takes on the Rockies

ROCKY MOUNTAINS – JackRabbit Newburyport, one of Mike Wilson’s supporters on his Run Across America, has a new game. It’s called Where’s Mike Wednesday. When the Town Common caught up with Mike over the weekend, he was running through the Rocky Mountains, topping...

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‘The Golf Gods Will Strike You Down’

REGIONAL – Walking down the hallway and through the double doors into the Shark Tank , Alex Van Alen and John Pruellage were “pumped” to present their new, fast-growing sport of FlingGolf to the five investor-sharks and to the rest of the world on the popular...

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