Information for Cardiac Patients

It is common sense that infected teeth, whether they hurt or not, or are broken down beyond repair, should be removed. We also all know by now that there are mouth-body connections and that the mouth is the “gateway” to the rest of the body. There is no disputing that...

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Communication is Key

It is not uncommon to get a second opinion, or a second or third quote for things like car repairs and home improvements. When it comes to our health, it usually depends on the nature of the issue. More complex issues in medicine, such as a diagnosis of cancer, an...

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Protect Your Teeth!

This past weekend, my brother sent me a text with a picture of my 15-year-old nephew all bloodied-up with broken upper and lower teeth. He is a mountain bike daredevil…..and the mountain won the battle. Protection of for the teeth is not just for certain sports....

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Define Your Dental Objectives

Let’s use this hypothetical situation: You have not been to a dentist in a while (pick a time frame), you are well aware you need some dental work, you were given the recommendation of a dentist by a friend…..and, you decide to visit that dentist and four other...

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A Silent Disease

A while back, The Boston Globe ran an article entitled “Advice for all ages: Don’t skip the dentist.” It started with, “A team of researchers from London and the University of Connecticut announced that aggressive treatment of gum disease can improve the function of...

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Eat Your Fruits & Vegetables

I’m sure that at one point in your life you heard a parent or grandparent say, “eat your fruits and vegetables.” It’s one of those things that always made sense to me – how could you go wrong eating things that nature has provided for us growing in the ground? As with...

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Ask the Dentist

There are very few dental practices that still use analog film and chemicals to produce dental x-rays. With digital technology around for decades, and improving along the way, there really is no excuse not to be digital.  However, patients still often express concern...

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Attention Athletes

I was at a continuing education seminar last week and one of the topics being discussed was mouthguards. Although it seems basic, and you would think that everyone who should be wearing one does, this is far from the case. I still see far too many sports related...

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It is not uncommon for me to get a strange look when I ask a patient about snoring in the dental office. After an explanation about some of the reasons I include this on my medical history form, the patient will often say, “Well, I don’t snore but my spouse (usually...

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Ask The Dentist

I find that some foods have become difficult to chew and swallow. Do I really need to eat the same amount or variety of food that I did when I was younger? Maintaining proper nutrition is important for everyone, young or old. Many older adults do not eat balanced...

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