The Way Dentistry Is Meant to Be

We all have people we look up to, whether in our personal or professional life. One of those people in my professional life is the late Dr. LD Pankey. Dr. Pankey was a true visionary. There is an advanced dental education institute named after him in Florida, where...

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Integrative Health Care

Dentistry is one of those things in life….as with most things…. that people view in different ways. Some are interested in their appearance, some are interested in their health, some both, and others none of the above. A major role of health care providers is to make...

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The Oral-Systemic Link 3/3

If you missed Part 1 and/or 2 of this series, you can find it at I have been writing the past couple weeks about the growing evidence that links oral and systemic disease, and the need for more collaboration between dentists and physicians....

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The Oral-Systemic Link 2/3

If you missed Part 1 of this series, you can find it at I ended last week with a statement that I have used numerous times before – just because it doesn’t hurt doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem. We keep learning more and more about the link...

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The Oral-Systemic Link 1/3

The connection between oral health and systemic health is well-established and ever-evolving. One thing we know for certain; we are living longer, but with more chronic diseases and medication than ever before.  The latest statistics are alarming. Forty-seven percent...

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Don’t Waste Benefits

October is here!! This means only 3 months left in 2021. It’s crunch time to get everything done that we haven’t gotten done during the rest of the year. For those with remaining dental benefits, it’s also the time of year to consider utilizing those so you don’t lose...

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What Do YOU Want?

Gravity is precise in nature, governed by laws and formulas; it does not respond to individual circumstances or objectives. It’s easy because it always works. Clinical dentistry, on the other hand, is science for sure, but an inexact science at best. Inexact science...

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Back-To-School Quiz

We are all hoping for a productive and enjoyable school year for students of all ages. Here’s a quiz to help get those learning juices flowing. Good luck! Question #1: The risk factors for gum disease are the same as for heart disease (genetics, smoking, weight, lack...

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The Mouth Is The Gateway

You may have heard the phrase “the mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body.” The mouth is connected to the rest of the body, and the only healthcare providers who spend time examining this area are your dental team. The days of the dentist being just the “tooth...

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How Often Should You Go?

Despite the generalized notion that people should visit a dentist bi-annually, I am more a proponent of individualized frequency recommendations based on a few factors. We are not all the same; therefore, each of us has our own specific needs. Results from a recent...

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