Mike Wilson Running Across Nebraska

SIDNEY, NE – When Mike Wilson was in the first grade, he made a friend, Rhea, who shared the same birthday in January. Fast forward 20 plus years and Rhea’s parents. who live in Pine Bluffs, WY, drove about 60 miles to Nebraska to bring Mike water and sports drinks to...

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Mike Wilson Is Headed Into Cowboy Country

RAWLINS, WY – The owner of the Sunset Inn in Wamsutter, WY, gave Mike Wilson a free room for the night when he heard Mike’s story about his running across America to raise money for two worthy charities in Massachusetts and California.  Mike, a professional trainer in...

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Mike Wilson Touches Lives Wherever He Runs

One Step At A Time ROCK SPRINGS, WY -- Mike Wilson started his Run Across America raising money for Lucy’s LoveBus in Amesbury and all the cancer victims and their families that it helps. But the personal trainer is also inspiring people he meets along the 3,000-mile...

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Mike Wilson Takes on the Rockies

ROCKY MOUNTAINS – JackRabbit Newburyport, one of Mike Wilson’s supporters on his Run Across America, has a new game. It’s called Where’s Mike Wednesday. When the Town Common caught up with Mike over the weekend, he was running through the Rocky Mountains, topping...

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Sports Photography

Peter McClellan Sports PhotographyIf you have ever watched a local High School sports team play games, you may have noticed Peter McClellan on the sidelines shooting photos. For 20 years, the retired Ipswich seventh grade social studies teacher has been snapping...

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Mike Wilson Feels Like ‘Forrest Gump’

JACKSON HOLE, WY – It was like a scene out of Mike Wilson’s favorite movie, Forrest Gump. As he ran into the Rocky Mountains on his trek across America to raise money for Lucy’s Bus, his favorite charity, a group of Brigham Young University students joined him,...

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Mike Wilson Gets A New Pair of Shoes

POCOTELLO, ID – Running into the mountains at 4,500 to 5,000 feet above sea level, Mike Wilson got a welcome call from the New Balance representative in Newburyport, offering to pay for any shoes or other gear he needs as he runs cross country. When The Town Common...

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Mike Wilson Makes Friends Wherever He Runs

SOMEWHERE IN IDAHO -- Mike passed through southern Idaho, closing in on 500 miles of running across America to help Lucy’s Bus in Amesbury. The Town Common caught up with him in Bliss, ID. Along his journey, Make has had battle packs of dogs and cold temperatures in...

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Mike Wilson Faces The Rockies

BOISE, ID – Mike Wilson was happy to cross the Oregon state line into Idaho last week on his 3,000-mile run across America to raise money for his favorite charity, Lucy’s Bus in Amesbury. He expected to begin the journey across the Rocky Mountains in the next few...

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